Would SMS Marketing be more effective? 

Text message marketing (or SMS marketing) can be effective, however, you get charged per message sent. In the United States, the average cost per message is $0.20. If you plan on sending your text message to 1,000 customers, you're going to be spending $200 every time you want to send them a message. 

With a mobile app you do not get charged for your messages, also called push notifications, and they still pop up directly on your customer's phone screens.

What do you mean by "marketing strategy"?

When we talk about your marketing strategy, what we mean is we will act as your marketing consultants, setting you up with a strategy for implementing and growing your business using your new mobile app and digital technologies.

We don't hand off our customers apps and let them fend for themselves. Instead, we form a lasting relationship that we hope will be there to stay. 

What if someone turns off the Push Notifications on their phone?

Yes, some people do not like it when messages or push notifications pop up on their smartphone screens. These people sometimes turn them off, and as a result won't receive your messages unless they go into your app.

However, because they have your app downloaded onto their phone, they will be reminded of your company every time they scroll passed it. Your logo will be a part of their daily life, and as a result your business will be too. 

How many app downloads do businesses typically receive?

Anchor 5's clients receive an average of about 1,200 app downloads. These clients are based almost entirely in the Southeastern Wisconsin region. 

Recent studies show modern customers are 10x more likely to redeem a mobile coupon offer than a printout coupon.

Yes! They will use them!

Will people use my app's coupons if they can't print them? 

Customers don't want to be discounted. They want to be upgraded, or they want you to over-deliver. Generally, discounts sometimes make a product or menu seem like it's of a lower quality. On the other hand, upgrading a customer makes them feel special. 

For example, if your bar celebrates Taco Tuesday with a taco bar, offer your app users an upgraded deal, like a free margarita with their tacos. 

Why don't customers respond to discounts?