Building technology people love.

Put your business in your customer's pocket.

The Phone is the New TV

Customers want to experience marketing on their own terms. Mobile apps, custom websites, digital menu boards: they all allow you to communicate without making patrons feel like they're being pressured into a purchase. Instead, they feel like they're insiders in your community and sharing your story.

So, what exactly does Anchor 5 Digital's digital marketing strategy include? 


Push Messaging

Make sure your customers are always in the loop. Push messaging allows you to send unlimited notifications at any time from anywhere. Update customers on specials, events, and up-the-minute offers or developments. It's as simple as texting a friend to see if they want to grab lunch. But instead of a friend, it's your customer, and instead of one customer, it's all of your customers. 

Trackable In-App Loyalty Program Offers

Gone are the days of lost punch cards. It is time to go paperless with a digital loyalty program. Now, customer rewards will always be right in their pocket. In fact, Anchor 5's custom built in-app loyalty programs give you constant control, and allow fans to create personal app accounts for a more customized experience. Change your offers and time frames when you want to, and keep track of your customers' engagement. Everybody wins!

Digital Menu Boards

Showcase your menu or products on a high-definition TV! You can even make updates on the fly right from your phone, computer or tablet. This is just another friendly way to implement modern technologies into your new business model. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 5.00.26 PM.png

Easy, Synchronized App & Website Updating on the Fly

Investing in a mobile app does not mean you can forget about your website. These days, having a mobile friendly site is essential for your business, because it's often the first point of contact for new customers. Luckily, we have developed a platform where you can quickly update your mobile app and your website at the same time from any location! Saving you time, and keeping everyone informed. 

Leverage Existing Online Ordering Systems

Does your business currently use OpenTable for reservations? Or maybe you've been checking out Untappd? You don't have to stop now! Our custom apps allow for full integration of external reservation or social sharing apps. Quality and convenience are king, and our apps help ensure your customers' experiences are perfect.

Additional App Features:

Custom Menus & Product Showcasing

Push Messaging 

Trackable In-App Loyalty Program

Synced App & Website 

Daily Deals & Specials

Events Calendar

Product Locator

Digital Menu Boards

Social Media Integration

Location Maps & Hours

Leverage Current Online Ordering

Customer Surveys

Multi-Business App

And much more!